Monday, November 26, 2007

Extra Prayer Request

If you have a moment, think about visiting Katie and sending up a prayer for her tomorrow (Tuesday). Thanks! :)

Extra BAD Mommy!

Big A (2.5) walked over to my sister a little upset. When my sis asked what was wrong, she just kept saying Linus's name over and over and mumbling a few other things that we just weren't sure about. Sis, Big A, and I went to Linus's room to find out what was going on. Turns out Linus tried to put Big A in time-out. Thankfully my sis and her husband found it hilarous and weren't the slightest bit upset. When I asked Linus why on earth she'd put Big A in time-out, she said they were playing. You'd think I'd learn to just let things be sometimes, but I apparently haven't. I asked Linus WHAT they were playing, she said, "We were playing Mommy!"
OOPS! I really didn't think I put Linus in time out that often. Maybe I'm wrong!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Extra Thankful

10 Things I'm Extra Thankful For (in no particular order):

1. Family--both immediate and extended, and the close relationships I have with them.

2. Linus's Birthfamily--I do consider them family, so they could have been a part of #1, but I'm thankful for them on so many different levels that I wanted them to have their own!

3. My Father's Life and all those responsible for saving him and maintaining his life--when he was discovered in May, he was clinically dead. Technically it happened two more times. We were so close to losing him, and I'm so thankful we didn't.

4. My IRL Friends

5. The friends I have met here (internet).

6. Health

7. The soldiers who protect our freedom

8. The roof over my head

9. Linus, Linus, Linus, yeah, I know I already said family, but I'm so very thankful for her

10. God!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Extra Wishes

Just a quick post to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving! I've got an insane amount of guests coming (and staying!), but I'm very thankful to have them in my life! :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Extra Curious

I've never been one to deal well with suspense. I go nuts at Christmas when I see a wrapped present and don't know what it is. I do a really good job at not peeking at my presents, mainly because I do want some surprise on Christmas, but I have to admit (blush) that I have gone as far as peeking at Linus's presents from relatives and friends. I just can't help myself.

Army pulled a really good one over on me when he asked me to marry him. How he kept that secret from me I'll never know. I had a really good feeling it was coming, but I didn't know for certain, and he really shocked me when he did it. I totally wasn't expecting it---to the extent that I changed plans and went out with friends that evening. Oops!

I also have a lot of trouble reading books. I LOVE to read, but the suspense drives me bonkers. I will literally get panicky trying to keep from reading the end of the book. The only thing that saves me is knowing it won't be any fun to read the book if I already know the ending.

My point is I really have a hard time with suspense. A really, really really hard time! I'm going absolutely nuts trying to figure out who some of you are. New York, New York--I've got some family there, but I don't think that's who you are. Actually, you are one person who checks from a few different places within the city, or there are a few of you out there. Really, in NY it's New York City and Buffalo (shout out to Buffalo--dated a great guy from there once) and a few other places I've never heard of, but now I'm super curious about them. North Carolina--same story, but this time I know you aren't my family because I've got people from ALL over NC checking in. I'm going bonkers not knowing who you are. GREAT people in my life come from NC! Washington (Seattle to be exact)--who are you??? Illinois, Georgia, Indiana, and Michigan---y'all are checking in from all over the state, and I can't figure it out. It's like a suspense novel and the ending has been ripped out. I'm going NUTS! Texas--I've got family there too, but I've got readers from all over TX too. Same for California--y'all are all over the state. Virginia, Minnesota, Iowa WHO are you??? Canada, oh Canada, who are all of you? I know there's more than one of you, and I secretly (or not so secretly anymore) LOVE that each of you usually read for a while each visit. Wisconsin, who are you? My sister spent time there training for Trane, but I know you're not my sister--she's not there anymore. Louisiana, again, tons of family there, but I *think* I know who most of you are. Florida, who are you? I was in your neck of the woods in September--loved it there! Alabama, I can't forget my own state. I know I'll never know who reads from my city, but there are a lot of you out there, and I don't think I know somebody from all the cities reading. AACCKKK! I'm going nuts!

I get readers from outside North America, but they usually aren't repeat readers. Hello, Italy, you are a repeat reader. Who are you? LOVE your food! :)

To be fair, I do know who some of my readers are: I know some of Maryland, but not all. I know some of Virginia, some of Minnesota, some of Georgia, some of Indiana, but I don't know who all of the people from those states checking in are.

I've got to stop before I do any other states. I'm working myself up to suspense overload! Seriously, I'm going crazy trying to imagine who you could be. Come on, friends, throw me a bone. Give me a hint. Please? Pretty please??? Please, please, please? I don't do well with suspense! I bet you couldn't tell that though! ;)

ETA: Who ever you are ::Afghanistan:: who hacked my blog and changed my profile, you can bite me. To all the others, I still love you! :)

Edited Again To Add: HA! I might be on to something! I enabled my email incase anybody didn't want to comment, but was willing to let me know who they are. I've already gotten two emails. WOOHOO! You people rock!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Extra Thanks!

Many thanks for the prayers and good thoughts for my friend. Her son is doing very well. He will have to have an additional surgery, but the doctors are feeling very positive. He looks great and his oxygen levels are great.

He's definitely a little fighter. That alone will take him far in life.

I cannot begin to express how happy I am. :)

Thanks again for your prayers!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Extra Sick and Tired

I am SO sick and tired of my family being sick! Remember this time? How 'bout this time? Maybe this time? Or possibly this time? And I didn't even write about the horrible colds Linus and Army had. Even the dog has been sick.

Well, I'm tired of it! Today Army called me and said he was coming home. Army never misses work, so I knew it was bad. He said he thought he got food poisoning from last night, but since we ate the exact same thing, I don't believe it! I think he has a stomach virus.

I'm fully aware of how mean and immature this will sound, but I have NINE people staying IN MY HOUSE next week! I'm seriously hoping Linus and I will be spared because I don't know what we will do if the virus is still running its course through our house then!

I think part of what is bothering me is we are usually very healthy! We usually do not catch everything that comes along. Ugh!

So to all the viruses lurking around at this time of year: GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY!!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Extra Thanks!

Many, many thanks for the prayers. I still have not heard anything. I'm choosing to look at that as no news is good news. I won't call and disturb them. She'll (or her mom will) call when she's ready. At any rate, I'm very thankful for your prayers and good thoughts!

Some of you know that Linus had a medical procedure a few months ago. She has had a few seizures, so she had an MRI to rule out any brain structure abnormalities or tumors. She does not have clonic-tonic (formerly known as Grand Mal)---she does not convulse with her seizures. She does experience rapid eye movement on occasion though. When her physicians discuss the seizures with us and with her, they use the term "shake" on occasion.

Tuesday while we drove home from preschool, Linus and I were discussing how long it has been since she has had a big seizure. I asked her if we should celebrate that she hasn't had one in long time, and she said she wanted to. Then I asked her how we should celebrate. My child has the best outlook about all of this, and a fabulous sense of humor too. How did she want to celebrate? She said, "We should make blue bumpies (jello) so they can do the shaking!" :) My goodness, I love this child!

Extra Prayers

I've got another prayer/good thoughts request. My best friend growing up is having a baby tomorrow (Wednesday). At her 20 wk ultrasound, they discovered that he has a very serious heart condition (I believe he has only 2 chambers, but I could have that wrong). From what I understand, he will be taken to Children's immediately, and he'll have to endure multiple surgeries. She's having him by c-section, so she won't be able to go with him. I know this is killing her. She also has a little boy four weeks older than Linus. He and Linus love each other dearly. She has always taken the approach that he will live (at least with me), and I truly believe he will. I know the 'what if' thoughts slip in though. Y'all, she's one of the greatest people I know. She is an incredible friend and an incredible mom. I'm sitting here in tears, not because I don't think he'll make it---like I said, I truly believe he will---it's just one of those things, when someone you love hurts, you hurt too. I am quite thankful that the medical community is prepared for his arrival and has a plan of action in place. Anyway, I'd appreciate the prayers/good thoughts for her and the baby, and I know she'd appreciate them too.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Extra Grown

Linus has wanted to learn to whistle for quite a while. Today she truly whistled. As she heard the sound come from her lips, her eyes got wide and proud. As she began to jump with excitement, she said, "I DID IT! I really did it! Did ya hear that? I did it! Oh my goodness, I'm growing up now! I can whistle! I did it! I'm ready for high school now!" UM, NOOOOOOO!!! I'm upset enough about losing her for a full day of kindergarten, please don't push the high school issue at FOUR!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Extra Name Possibilities

Army and I knew there was no possible way we could pick Linus up on time after preschool Friday. I went ahead and asked the director if she could stay for aftercare. Linus loves aftercare because two of her friends stay late on Fridays, so I didn't feel too terribly bad about it.

One of the preschool teachers noticed Linus in aftercare and asked her where we were. "My mommy and Daddy are working on a new baby." Thankfully the teacher knew that wasn't the case and got a giggle out of it, but she did run with it a little bit. She had this conversation with Linus:

Teacher: They are working on a new baby?"

Linus: Yes, they sure are. I'm going to have a little sister for mommy and me, and I'm going to get a little brother for my daddy.

T: Really? What will your little sister's name be?

L: Caroline!

T: I thought your mommy likes the name Erin.

L: Nope, it's Caroline.

T: I really thought I heard your mommy say she likes the name Erin.

L: NO! CAROLINE! Her name will be Caroline!

T: But what if Mommy names her Erin?

L: That won't happen!

T: But what if it does?

L: IT WON'T HAPPEN! I can change her mind! It WILL be Caroline.

So, anybody think I have any choice/input on the name of a child? Oh, and anybody want to know what she'd name a little brother?


Thanks Linus, but no!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

An Extra Conversation or Two

*****Warning! Foul Language***** (Kiddie conversation)

I'm at Linus's preschool a lot, and happily fill in where needed. I was asked to sub in one of the Mother's Day Out classes today, so I filled in for a little while. I absolutely fell in love with this class. Oh my goodness, those kiddos are so sweet and so adorable! They were 18-24 months old and just so much fun.

At one point, one of the cuties got my attention and said, "No f***ing!"

I looked at him with a very confused look on my face, and said, "Could you tell me again?" Again, he said, "No f***ing!"

Um, ok, hmmmm, let's see. I finally asked him if he could show me what he was talking about one word at a time. After those words came out my mouth, I started to wonder if I really wanted him to show me! Thankfully, he was able to show me. He turned over a truck and said, "No. F***. In"

Ahhh, the truck wasn't supposed to go in somewhere. Phew! Linus mispronounced some words, but truck was never one of them. I've heard of many children messing up that particular word, but I was totally unprepared for it today.

Let me preface this next one with this child's mother really is a good mother! One of the two year olds usually brings milk for lunch. His Mom's Morning Out teacher asked him if his milk was good. His response? "Well, actually I'm drinking a virgin screwdriver." Whoa, back up! What? He went on to say, "My virgin screwdriver is orange juice and pineapple juice." Yes, I heard it with my own two ears...and I laughed my hiney off!

Later in the day, Linus and I were on our way home from a little get together. I was praising her for her fabulous behavior today, and she admitted one little glitch.

Let me back up a little to give you an idea of where this came from. On Halloween, Linus and the other children at the preschool were allowed to dress in non-scary costumes. As you know, Linus dressed as Minnie Mouse. Gee, ya think that had anything to do with our recent trip? ;) Anyway, as we walked in to school that morning, the director and another teacher were setting up a pumpkin patch for the children. One of them said to the other, "Oh look! There's Minnie Mouse!" Linus, as completely serious as could be, shook her hand and said, "Oh no, it's me, Linus. This is just a Minnie Mouse costume. I'm just dressed up, but it's still Linus!" It was absolutely hysterical. Word got around about what she said, so many of the teachers (who I am friends with) asked her if she was Minnie Mouse. Well, Linus eventually decided she wanted to change her name to Minnie Mouse. Permanently. Today her teacher called her Linus, and she asked her teacher to call her Minnie Mouse. To understand the rest, you need to know that Linus's given name is a three syllable name. When she asked her teacher to call her Minnie Mouse, her teacher said that it was too long. When Linus related the story to me, she said, "Really Mommy! Min-nie Mouse. ___-___-___!" comparing the three syllables in each. Then she added, "They are the same length!" Thank goodness she didn't actually give her teacher a lesson in syllables!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Extra Gross

Wonder Dog? NOT so wonderful right now. She had the nerve to wake me up from my five minute nap. She wasn't barking, she was pumping her stomach. GROSS! Have I mentioned Army calls me a hurl-a-phobe because I absolutely cannot stand anything dealing with vomit? EWWW! She's fine now, so who knows what it was. Despite her bark the other night, she does not get any people food, so I don't think that's what it was. She doesn't go outside when we're not out, so I don't think she ate something bad outside. She's better now though, and that's what's important.

Linus learned our phone number today. She's tried learning it on and off over the past few months, but she just couldn't get it. Today I sang it to her to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and she learned it immediately. She also learned to spell our last name. :) Now she wants to learn to tie her shoes. Oh and guess what? She has a speaking part in her preschool Christmas play!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Extra Strange

Two things happened tonight that were rather strange.

The first has me a little worried. Linus asked to go to bed tonight. She didn't want to go through most of our bedtime routine---she just wanted to get in bed! Since she wasn't interested in eating dinner tonight, I'm a little worried she's getting sick. I sure hope not! I hope it's just the time change catching up with her.

The second one involves our wonderdog. She barked! Now I know that's not unusual for most dogs, but our dog is a year and a half old, and I can literally count the number of times she's barked on one hand. The dog just does not bark. Ever. We kennel her when people come to work on our house, and they are always shocked to learn we have a dog. Doorbell rings? No bark. Stranger in the house? No bark. Needs to go out to potty? No bark. Tonight she barked! Lots of deep bellowing barks! Why? Well, because she's got priorities! She spotted an empty container of chocolate chip cookies in the garbage, so she barked to let us know she wanted some. Poor pup, maybe she'll bark before the container is empty the next time.

As a puppy

With "Ball Ball." Ball Ball goes everywhere with her!

With her favorite 4 year old :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Extra Curious

I was really curious about how Linus would handle trick-or-treating this year. Remember last year?

She was really excited to dress like Minnie Mouse this year.

She was a little worried, but she did ring our neighbors' doorbells herself.


She didn't run this year!!! Yippee!