Monday, July 11, 2011


Long time no post!

Hello to all. Not sure if anyone checks anymore, but I take a peek back at my blog on occasion, and I kind of miss blogging. And my memory...sheesh! My memory. Or lack there of. Each time I read an entry or two, I'm reminded of things Linus has done that I had forgotten. It makes me mad to think of what I might have "lost" in the past year and a half. Thinks like the fact that Lolly can't say sandwich, and instead calls it a dammit. ;) Or that when I took Lolly's temperature the other day, she asked me if she had Bieber Fever. Yikes! And Linus! My sweet Linus. You know she's been cracking us up for the past 18 months.

Time for me to get back to it!

A HUGE thank you to those of you who have continually checked in on me. When I'd see an email pop up here and there, it truly made me smile. They always seemed to come when I needed them most. Thank you!