Thursday, April 23, 2009

Extra Long Lashes

Have I ever told the story of the lady at the Dollar Tree? We were in there one day, and she commented on the great lashes my girls have. After going on and on about their eyes, she asked me to look up (I was digging for money), and when I did, she laughed and let me know that my girls' beautiful eyes did NOT come from me. Thanks lady!

Is it wrong to be jealous of my girls' eyes?

Linus--you can't see the full effect of her lashes here, but it gives you an idea

Lolly--she was only 6 months old here...imagine in a few years!

An Extra Round of Pics

Be forewarned: I've figured out the issue (looks like my photoshop has seen its last day), so I've got pictures...and more pictures...and more pictures. Daily pics. :)

When Linus was 9 months old, she got a Cheerio stuck on her nose. It upset her at first, but I laughed, and eventually she thought it was funny too. I loved that set of pictures, and I planned to stage some with Lolly. Well, Lolly took care of that on her own for me. Check them out:



Nearly identical expressions:

Lolly isn't really very fond of Cheerios. She'd much rather throw them on the floor. :)

Any idea how to do a video for the technologically challenged? Every single site I've tried to use to upload it says it's too big of a file.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

Is there anything cuter than a chubby little rubber band fist feeding an adorable lipped baby mouth?


That's a Cheerio on her nose. More to come...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Extra Random

Sorry about yesterday's post!

Y'all are cracking me up. I checked my stats yesterday so that I could try and tell who saw it and who didn't (I couldn't tell because I hadn't paid attention to times). Y'all came out of the woodwork to read that. I had nearly 5 times the amount of hits for the same day last week. Maybe I should be edgy more often (kidding).

We had a fabulous field trip today. I was hoping for lots of pics, but I took TWO. What kind of mother, especially a camera happy mother, goes on a field trip with both kids and only takes two pics?

I really want a warm brownie with chocolate chips in it right now. How's that for random? Doesn't it sound good though? What's your favorite dessert type food?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bite Me!

***Remorse has set in. I'm removing it***

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Um, yeah, reality sinks in

And this, my friends, is why we'll only have two...*

We got a phone call this morning that Linus stuck a bead in her ear. As luck would have it, Army wasn't in the office today, so I couldn't just run her by so that he could remove it. That would be way too easy.

On my way to pick her up, my mind wandered; dancing around my mind were thousands of random thoughts. After the obvious I hope she's ok and not too scared, I moved on to dang, I'm glad we didn't skip her bath last night which progressed to I hope her ear isn't full of wax. Then it occurred to me that you have to put a reason for checking your child out of school. I was not putting "stuck a damn bead in her dadgum ear" on the sheet of shame for all the parents to see. I opted for "sick" since she'd have to go to the doctor...that does make her sick afterall, doesn't it?

What do you say when you pick up your child who has just stuck a foreign object in an orifice? The accident report cracked me up. The blame game has already begun...found a bead in her own classroom and stuck it in her ear (she wasn't in her room when it happened). Ha! I'm not blaming y'all for this. My child did it. Actually, the first version of the story from her lips involved a bead that she found in her classroom, stuck in her pocket, and it magically jumped in her ear. She eventually said, "Well, it didn't exactly just jump there on its own. I stuck it in the empty space." I'm sorry Linus, did you just tell me you stuck a bead in the empty space between your ears? Please, my baby, please let's find another way to phrase that.

While we were in the car, we made it to the root of the reason for the tears. She was worried the bead was going to roll further in and go to her brain. I could have settled for "What brain Linus? You stuck a stinking bead in your ear. Are you sure you used a brain for that one?" but instead I nicely told her that it couldn't and wouldn't. Oh, but I'm not a doctor, so how can I know? So we had to call Daddy so that he could assure her that it wouldn't go to her brain. I'll have to remember the comfort that gave Linus the next time we write one of those huge education loan payments to Sallie Mae.

We got home, and despite LOTS of drama, Army was able to look in her ear. Sure enough, there's a bead. Naturally, since Army doesn't make a habit of carrying all of his instruments home just in case, he didn't have the needed equipment for the beadectomy. A humiliating call to the dr's office later (I know there's no way we're the only ones who have ever called for this despite the way they made it sound) and Linus had an appointment. After some playful drama (and,really, I don't blame her at all---I'm sure I'd be a little dramatic if somebody was fishing something out of my ear) the bead was removed. Poor Linus, the dr handed it to Army who promptly inspected it then threw it away. I think she wanted it as a battle scar memento.

Once home, Linus played for a few minutes, then she fell asleep for a solid four hour nap. I think the worry wore her out. But OH MY GOSH! She woke up full of energy. Bedtime didn't come easily tonight. The house was very quiet while Linus napped (imagine that!) so Lolly fell asleep and took a three hour nap. Wow! The two of them were on a roll tonight. L-O-U-D and W-I-L-D.

•Not really. I'll post about it someday though.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Extra Sad

I'm sad tonight. I've actually been thinking about this for several weeks now. I know some of my friends from another group that I'm a member of will understand (and for those of you waiting for your first or second, please know I'm not trying to offend you at all!).

Before I say anything, I *do* know that I have two fabulous children. I love them dearly, and I think that's apparent from my posts. They mean the world to me, and I cannot imagine my life without them. I'm so sad, though, that this is likely the end of the road for babies for me. I've always dreamed of a big family--not octomom big, but big nonetheless. While I'm happy for people who have newborns, I want to experience that one more time so badly. I know Lolly is still young, and I absolutely adore the age she is now, but I just don't have that finished having children feeling. My arms and heart ache when I see a newborn. While I'm not ready for a newborn right this very second, I'm also not ready to close that door for the future.

For whatever reason, I keep torturing myself too. For the members of the other group I referenced earlier, I look at the monthly stats every single month. This month, we would have gone out several times. I don't know why that hurts so badly--maybe the what if? I also keep playing back exactly what was going on with Lolly one year ago on a daily basis. I miss that. I miss the non obvious pregnancy blossoming into the quite obvious one. I miss the dr's appointments. I miss the excitement. And I miss the final result: a new life to hold and nurture. A new life to revel in. A new life to stare at for hours on end, to breathe in with every breath I take, to love, to cherish, to help mold in to a wonderful little being.

I love all the new experiences Linus gives me, and I love watching Lolly grow, but I'm not ready to acknowledge that it's over. As Lolly turns another month older, I relish in her accomplishments, yet I mourn the fact that I'll never get to witness it first hand with another. It certainly doesn't upset me so much that I can't enjoy Lolly, but it's there lurking in the back of my mind.

Lolly is getting old enough that some of her newborn toys, equipment, and clothing need to be given away, yet I can't do it. Thankfully I do need to send my sister some newborn clothes, but the rest of it? It's in Lolly's room. I can't do it. I just can't. Packing things away as Linus grew wasn't hard for me. This time, it's killing me.

I don't want to sound ungrateful. I am incredibly thankful for the two children I have. I'm just having a difficult time coming to grips with this being the end of the road baby-wise. :( I keep waiting for reality to sink totally in, but it just hasn't yet.

Extra Blah

Why are posts so much funnier in the middle of the night?

Last night (Saturday night) was had a comedy of errors here. I went to bed (close to 3!), but because of everything that had happened, I couldn't fall asleep. As soon as I did, I was startled awake by Army. Then again, I tried to fall asleep to no avail. While I was lying in bed, I was composing in my mind what I planned to blog the next day. And you know what? It was really 3:30. Now? Not so much. So why is it that it's so funny in the middle of the night, but not the next morning?

I'm tired of the blog blahs! I thought (again, at 3:30) that they were passing. Looks like they aren't.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!