Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Extra Excuse ;)

Yeah, yeah, like so many others, I default to Facebook, but in an effort to have a backup for memories of what my kids have said and done (usually to throw me under the bus), I'm going to make an try and post them here too.

Let me start with updated info and pics.

Linus is now NINE.  How'd that happen?  She looks and acts like a big girl now.  She's an amazingly loving big sister.  She's a great student, and she's a tremendous help to me whenever I ask.  She is still full of energy, and when she loves something, she loves with all her heart.  She will be in fourth grade in the fall.

Lolly, who is rarely now called Lolly and often answers to Cakey or Bear, is three.  She's growing up way too fast!  Her humor rivals that of Linus, and she's completely aware of how funny she is.  If somebody stops her to tell her she's adorable, she smiles and says, "I know."  We're working on being a bit more gracious.  :)  She will be in PreK in the fall.


Leia said...

Let's just see if you can post again in fewer than 10 months, ok? ;)

Jackietex said...

If I accidently left a bunch of comments, I'm sorry. I was having a problem with Google.

Monkling said...

Lanny! And how did those girls grow up so fast??

Mama said...

So glad you are "back" again. I need more Linus stories! My husband periodically asks, "Is Linus' mom posting again yet?"
Fellow IAC alumn

brainella said...

Holy mackerel! Look at how big they are. :)

And yeah, posting every 10 months is WORSE than my posting!!