Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year to everyone in blogland!

I'm hoping to get back to regular blogging. In the past I've used it as a way to remember the cute things Linus said. Lolly has joined the cute sayings now, and remembering for two is twice as hard (duh!), so I've GOT to write it down.
We had a fantastic Christmas. Linus loved every. single. thing. she got. Lolly still has one unopened present. She only got five things total from Santa and us, so it's not like we went overboard. I simply forgot how long it takes my girls to open presents. They give each gift due time before moving on to another. Lolly thinks her world is complete with a phone, remote, and purse though. :)

Merry Christmas from my two favorite kiddos and me...
Linus, 6 yrs

Lolly, 16 months


jojo said...

Happy New Year Lanny! I'm so glad to see you've checked in. I can not believe how big the girls are getting, and oh so beautiful. OMG those are the most wonderful eyelashes!!! Glad you are well...jj

brainella said...

Happy New Year! Your girls are gorgeous.

Monkling said...

Happy New Year!!

Natalie said...

So glad to see you back in blogland. I've missed hearing about Linus' antics and I can't wait to hear what mischief Lolly can get herself into now.
Fellow IAC Alumn

Leia said...

Talk about eyelashes!!! :) I was worried about you....Happy New Year!